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Haunted Doll Max Classic 90% OFF Bear Sylvine-Overcome Any Habbits Break Addictions

Haunted Doll/Bear Sylvine-Overcome Addictions,Break Any Habbits,


Haunted Doll/Bear Sylvine-Overcome Addictions,Break Any Habbits,

Sylvine is the wonderful spirit of a female in her 40’s that i have gotten 6 years ago from Lisa’s collection-a witch,medium and spirit keeper in London.Sylvine is originally from Belgium,but she lived the last quarter of her life in Germany,following her boyfriend.Sylvine comes with a lesson,but she’s a wonderful case,and a powerful ally to her owner,one that we shouldn’t miss.Sylvine tells me she was our regular friendly woman,liked by people in general,and very easy going.She had a simple life with nothing much going on except a chronic depression,but she was handling it well,mostly through eating sweets?until in her 20’s she’s met her belgian boyfriend and she fell madly in love with him.Rupert was an addict,he used to take drugs,just any drugs,but in the period of meeting her he was only doing weed.She moved to Berlin,to be with him and she’s found a living there,things were going well,so well that his parents asked him to marry her.They sadly did not make it as his nights with friends,smoking weed and doing other drugs,playing games,made her feel more apart to him than ever.She tried talking to him,doing all she could to stop him,she’s even joined their game nights to be part of what he was doing,but the drugs continued to happen,and she kept eating those sweets out of stress and anxiety.Upon telling one of her spirit guide friends what was going on,she’s gifted her a powerful amulet,an amulet that when she wore would make Rupert listen to everything she said,on command.She shares she was reluctant at first,but she wore it any way,and Rupert stopped seeing his buddies,have a steady job and planning a future with her.She then found she was pregnant aswell,and without asking her friend,took off the amulet thinking this might affect her pregnancy in any way,but Rupert went back to gaming and drugs in just few days.She followed him to make sure he won’t do drugs any more but it was useless,and she’s gotten into a horrible depression.She did not care anymore of her pregnancy,she began doing weed as she became obsessive of him and his company,his love,and sadly her addiction grew worse than him,weed was not enaugh now,she needed something stronger and then stronger..She’s lost her life for this,right after losing her baby aswell,at 6 months of pregnancy to a spontaneous abortion followed by an over dose.This particular vessel she resided in right now,its the decoration she’s got for her baby,that was placed in her baby’s room.Now,in spirit she’s a very strong one.Sylvine is now able to break any strong habbits we may have,but also warn us of getting used to something or someone,even to a state of being.She takes very good care of us,and she is not only protective of her adopter but also her adopter’s family,and she will tell when something’s up that you should know of,regardless of how hard it is to know,in the end is always for the greater Good of all.If you need her help you may even ask of her to break your patterns,your tendencies,your eating habbits.She can be a great helper to combat anxiety and depression,even chronic ones.I’ve had her help with so many of my clients,and myself,and she is wonderful.The sole purpose of her remaining among us is to help us,to prevent us from destroying our life,relationships and youth,this is her main focus.Sylvine can help overcome alcohol addiction,porn or drug’s addiction,i’ve had her help numerous times with many different addictions to my clients,some of which i know to have been admitted for help in clinics,but without lasting results and now they’re well,healthy and happy,but also very grateful.She is one of the stars in my collection-as many of them still brought her flowers and gifts offerings after me telling them i did not do it alone,she’s my helper?Sylvine just came a month ago back home,after being 3 months in the care of one of my clients and now good friend,that suffered from alcoholism,and was cured with her help,after borrowing her.As a presence she is a positive,talkative soul,she might tell you all about her life in her first days with you-she is extremely friendly,and she keeps nothing to herself,she’s not as reserved as others.My spirits love and respect her,but she is a very humble woman,she always sais how grateful she is to be among us,and to have been and be of help.With Lisa she used to only work in spells with the same focus-addictions and anxiety,but with me she’s been mainly working hands on,on energy levels in therapy sessions,so working with her can be as easy as telling her what you need her help with and being in her presence by laying for 15-30 minutes by her side to allow her to work on your energies everyday or as needed,or as practicing witches,placing her by your any spell related with her main focuses.Sylvine is also very easy to please,she loves having nuts,beer,or fresh mint tea for offerings,and as gifts any powdery perfumes will do,she always loved perfumes and fashion.She knows a great deal about spells too,so any healing crystals you may gift her will do,as she well knows how to draw healing energies from them to help you.I personally gifted her amber,selenite and rodochrosite,but you can definitely offer her whatever you’re most drawn to.
I hope to find her a beautiful home where she can be of help to look after and protect her new family and keeper,now that she’s ready to move on.
She is an extremely gentle and loving,caring soul,as such she is ok in any home,with all pets,other spirits and children which she will look after as her own.

If you feel a connection she is for you!
If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

She will speak with all divination tools or apps.

*Her vessel is a beautiful and well kept vintage,a bear in a wooden frame and glass
*She passed from an overdose in 89
*She will come safely wrapped and shipped with Express Currier service as with all my other spirits.


Orbs of orange,brown and green colors,at times a faint yellow aswell
Soft steps are heard with her in the afternoon
May slightly move curtains(with no source of air)
May tap furnitures,crack doors to let you know she is around
Telepathic communication (when she has something to share with you)
May drink/finish her liquid offerings
May slightly move things she’s interested in if it has to do with perfumes or fashion
May move/slightly move her vessel
May affect electronics (when she is at work for you on something)
Strenght,determination,resilience,confidence and positivity is often noted with her as she is breaking and keeping you off bad habbits or addictions
Deep healing energies,serrnity are often noted with her,even from the moment you first hold her vessel
Her presence can be felt more stronger,as this vessel belonged to Sylvine in her real life(it should feel as if someone is right beside you,watching you,at times she’s near)


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Haunted Doll/Bear Sylvine-Overcome Addictions,Break Any Habbits,

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