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Dinosaur Bone Ring - Popular product Antler Fossilized Excellent D Meteorite

Dinosaur Bone Ring - Meteorite Ring - Antler Ring - Fossilized D


Dinosaur Bone Ring - Meteorite Ring - Antler Ring - Fossilized D

Be otherworldly in this unique dinosaur bone, meteorite and antler inlay ring. This inlay ring can be customized to your heart#39;s content with various inlay stone choices to choose from. Influenced by Native American techniques and modern design, this ring has been completely handmade by me. This ring is cast using the lost wax technique. Each piece of stone has been hand cut to inlay perfectly within this design. This inlay ring is finished with a bright, smooth, high polish. Available in 100% recycled sterling silver, 100% recycled 14kt yellow gold or 100% recycled 14kt white gold.

*Also available with flush set gemstones between the inlay panels. Please view this listing:

This unisex inlay ring is completely customizable! This ring is made to order just for you. Custom orders and requests are encouraged! Please specify which stones you would like to order.

Inlay stone choices:
-dinosaur bone
-mother of pearl
-red sponge coral

If you would like a stone that is not listed here, please contact me to discuss options.

This ring band measures 6mm wide.

1) meteorite - dinosaur bone - meteorite, sterling silver
2) meteorite - dinosaur bone - meteorite, sterling silver
3) abalone - meteorite - dinosaur bone, 14kt yellow gold
4) 4x sapphire, 3 x turquoise inlay, sterling silver
5) 3x abalone shell, 10kt yellow gold
6) 3x dinosaur bone, 10kt white gold
7) 3x turquoise, 14kt white gold
8) 3x abalone shell, sterling silver
9) 3x turquoise, 10kt yellow gold
10) 3x turquoise, 14kt yellow gold

To view a sizing chart to help determine which size you need, please visit http://www.leanderdambrosia.com/ring-sizing-chart/

You can also purchase this ring sizing tool to help figure out sizing:

Although some of my products may be listed and marketed as either masculine or feminine, most items are truly unisex and may be appropriate for both men and women, girls or boys.

The metals I use to make this ring are 100% recycled. They are refined from metal that has already been extracted from the earth, such as jeweler#39; scraps and what would other wise be industry waste. This means that landscapes aren#39;t destroyed, that the people that live on mineral-rich lands aren#39;t displaced and that eco-systems aren#39;t polluted by the dirty processes of mineral mining in order to make my craft. All packaging, printing and gift wrapping is also made with recycled materials and a deep respect for our environment.

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Need this piece gift wrapped for a special someone? I have 4 lovely, eco friendly, gender neutral patterns to choose from here:


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Dinosaur Bone Ring - Meteorite Ring - Antler Ring - Fossilized D

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